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The Value of Now

Why put off tomorrow what you can accomplish today?

By Chardonnay Beaver

In this life there are very few things we can control.

Looking at the state of our world, human incapabilities become even more revealing. Distance sometimes feels like a barrier. What we don’t know, and how to retain such information, often appears as an obstacle. What you’re hoping for compared to what you actually have seems like galaxies apart.

Thank goodness we’re not required to steward what’s outside of our control, but what’s in our control.

I’m learning how to better value the present by not putting off tomorrow what I can accomplish today. Did anyone ever tell you that being proactivity is a form of self-love? Being proactive is a practical way to invite ease into your life.

For example, innumerous Americans start gym memberships during the first few weeks of the new year. By March Madness, your bank account and your physical balance are unstable. Rather than waiting until the new year, why not start now?

And no, my intentions aren’t to persuade you to join a gym. Perhaps, what we all need is a bit of a perspective shift.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: Thankfulness is best remembered by our actions, not just our words. Express your gratitude for the present by making practical adjustments that will benefit your tomorrow. God only requires that we each steward that tangible, not the intangible. Control the controllables, surrender the outcome.