To: All Licensees, Delivery Service Compliance Checks being conducted

To: All Licensees

Fr: Deputy Chief Ron Rupke, LCB Enforcement and Education Division

Re: Delivery Service Compliance Checks being conducted

Beer, wine and spirits delivery service compliance checks are now being conducted by LCB Enforcement Officers. These activities involve LCB officers placing orders for beer, wine, and/or spirits for delivery.

Underage LCB investigative aids will accept the orders at the delivery location to ensure drivers are properly checking ID and refusing the alcohol delivery.

If a delivery person provides the delivery containing alcohol to the underage investigative aide, enforcement actions will be initiated against the liquor license holder and the person who made delivery of alcohol to the minor. Investigative aides are part-time employees of the LCB who are under the age of 21; usually ages 18-20.

For licensees seeking to add delivery service of alcohol to their activities, specific LCB Board approval must first be obtained for the Liquor Delivery Added Activity before any deliveries take place. Applications for this approval are available through LCB’s Customer Service team.

Once approved, you will receive a letter that contains the conditions for liquor delivery for your specific license type. The state’s administrative codes for Liquor Delivery can be found here.

If you need any assistance with education for yourself, your staff and/or delivery drivers about laws and strategies for making sure sales are not made to underage, or overserved customers, there are many resources available to help.

Visit LCB’s website at the links listed below:

  • Selling responsibly

  • Responsible Sales Video

  • Acceptable Identification

If you want to know more about proactive steps you can take, contact your Enforcement Officer.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.