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Unbroken Chain

This column is dedicated to the unbroken chain of black poets who have given us a legacy of poetic treasure to share; Also, to the Legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver, the Founder of The Facts Newspaper in Seattle WA

"Hurry up Lucille oe we won't 'get arrested with our group"


We're hoping to be arrested

And hoping to go to jail

We'll sing and shout and pray

For Freedom and for Justice

The fighting may be long

And some of Us Will Die

But Liberty is Costly

A Rome they sat to me

Was not built in one day.

Hurry up, Lucille, Hurry Up

We're Going to Miss Our Chance to go to Jail.

The author of this poem is Margaret Walker.She is a Post-Renaissance poet following the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s of the Black Community in the USA.

She is a native of Birmingham,Alabama.She has written books, poetry, and lectured ...Ms, Walke has received numerous awards for literary efforts and has been a Strong Link of the Unbroken Chain of Black Poetry.



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