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Unbroken Chain by Harold Murphy

This poem is dedicated to the unbroken chain of black poets who have given us a Legacy of Poetic Treasures for all of us to share.

To the Legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver, the Founder of The Facts Weekly Newspaper in Seattle WA


You are the brave who do not break

In the grip of the mobwhen the blow comes straight

To the shattered bone;when the sockets shreik,

When your arms lie twisted under your back

Good men holding their courage slack

In their frightened pockets see how wewak

The work that is done---and feel the weight

Of your blood on the ground for their spirits's ake

And build their anger,stone on stone ---

Each silently, but not alone.

The author of this poem is Raymond Richard Patterson. He was born in New York City in 1929. He is the author of poems, novels,short stories contributor to magazines , and contributed to poetic anthologies in Britain.He was a professor of English at the City College of New York ; and forever a strong link in the Unbroken Chain of Black Poetry.



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