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This poem is dedicated to the unbroken chain of black poets who have given us a legacy or poetic treasures to share.

To the Legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver, The Founder of THE FACTS Weekly Newspaper in Seattle WA.

Song; We Raise de wheat

We raise de wheat,

Dey gib us the corn;

We bake the bread ,

Dey gib us de crust

We sif de meal,

Dey gib us de huss;

We peel de meat;

Dey gib us de skin;

And dat"sde way

Dey take us in in;

We skim de pot,

Dey give us de liquor,

And say dat's good enough for n......

The author of this poem is the Well Known Abolitionist, Frederick Douglas, He was born a slave in the US of America ... but escaped to provide the Philosophical Basis for Social and Economic Equality during the USA Slavery Times and Now. A Strong Link of the Unbroken Chain of Black Poetry,



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