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Former King County Councilmember Larry Gossett and Robert Jeffrey, Senior Pastor at New Hope Baptist Church are wholeheartedly asking Black and other fair minded voters who live in Kshama Sawant's City Council District (Central Area, Judkins, Madrona, Leschi, Montlake and Capitol Hill neighborhoods), to Vote by December 7th, to reject the totally unjust Recall Of Kshama Sawant. It is supported by big corporations like Amazon, conservative and some independent voters, who are falling for the jive lies and the big money, greedy businessmen are putting up to support this totally unjustifiable RECALL.

Just a couple days ago Real Estate Executives in Seattle dropped $130,000 into this recall Kshama campaign, they want tko get her off the City Council by “any means necessary, Why? Because Kshama is the only politician in our city who consistently--since her first run for the City Council about 10 years ago--been committed to poor and working class folks-- especially in Seattle's Black community--she has organized in Housing Projects and in rat infested apartment complexes all over the inner city. She successfully organized Black Tenants in the Chateau apartments and helped them get their greedy landlord not to displace, evict or go up on their rent. She is the only politician urging the city and state to support rent control measures to help low income renters.

RIGHT NOW, she and her supporters (Socialist, BLM organizers and Independents, etc,) have been successfully assisting the Black and immigrant elders, immigrants and low-income families living in the Columbia Gardens, Courtland, Dakota and Spokane apartments.Their Landlord (S.E.E.D.) wanted a whopping $240 increase in monthly rent for many of these low income apartment renters. Kshama, her staff and the unified Tenant committee she put together, got the rent increase lowered to $100 per month for the affected tenants. What other politician do y'all know who has accomplished this fete. And Kshama and the tenants she organized are still unified in getting the greedy Bldg. owners and managers to also do basic repairs needed on ALL these buildings.

We must keep this effective and progressive woman on the City Council. Please heed the advice of Rev. Jeffrey and Larry Gossett by picking up your Ballot and voting NO on the unwarranted RECALL of Kshama Sawant.

She is being unfairly targeted because she is a socialist and uncompromising South Asian woman, if we lose her, we lose her, we lose our best advocate for better wages- she already won us the $15 an Hour minimum wage and we lose our main politician demanding better opportunities for Black workers and the poor of ALL colors in the City of Seattle.

Fill out your Ballot NOW and VOTE NO on the recall of Kshama Sawant.



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