Wilson Releases Taxpayer Transparency Tool for General Election Ballot Measures.

Website Details Cost of Proposed Ballot Measures By Household

King County Assessor John Wilson today released his November 2022 general electionTaxpayer Transparency Tool, a website which provides each King County taxpayer an individualized accounting of where their property tax dollars go, and the estimated cost of any proposed property tax measure to be voted on.

“Taxpayers have a right to know where their money is going, and what each proposed property tax levy will cost them,” said Wilson. “Property taxes keep going up. We need to make sure the public understands why.”

Measures on the November Ballot:

COUNTYWIDE: King County Prop 1: Renewal of Conservation Futures Levy

City of Bellevue Prop 1: Levy lid lift for parks and open space.

City of Mercer Island Prop 1: Levy lid lift for parks operation and maintenance

City of Redmond Prop 1: Public safety levy.

City of Shoreline Prop 1: Maintenance and operations levy for public safety and community services

Highline School District 401 Prop 1: Bonds to replace and improve deteriorating schools.

Renton School District 403 Prop 1: Bonds to increase safety and replace Renton High School.

The tool can be found at http://localscape.spatialest.com/#kingcountyassessor/Tax. There is a link to the tool on left side menu of the Assessor’s web page https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/assessor.aspx

The Transparency Tool only shows the impact of property tax measures. Other ballot measures, including sales tax measures or benefit charges, are not included.

The Tax Transparency Tool was introduced by Assessor Wilson and first used during the April special election in 2018.