WOW By CHAR Are We Living In The Bubble-Effect?

With homogenous societies on the rise, we’re sheltered from other realities.


By Chardonnay Beaver | Influential Speaker, Storyteller, Creator of WOWbyChar, and University of Washington Student.

I recall binge watching the 1990’s sitcom A Different World on Netflix for the entire Summer of my incoming sophomore year of high school. Might I note, the Aretha Franklin version of A Different World theme song was my absolute favorite rendition. I mean, it’s Aretha Franklin! Need I say more?

For that reason, I sometimes hum the theme song in my head: it’s a different world, oohh, then where you come from. The sitcom depicted Black college students' diversity of thought and backgrounds in a comedic way. Moreover, A Different World also demonstrated the benefits of discovering a world unlike our own. Whitley was forced to acknowledge her privileges, Kimberly broke barriers, and Dwayne dared to be different in every way.

With that being said, I think we’re living in a Bubble Effect society. The concept of the “Filtered Bubble” was coined by Eli Parsierㅡan author, activist, and entrepreneur who seeks to promote “how to make technology and media work to serve democracy”ㅡ who recognized that we live in a bubble when we’re only surrounded by views and opinions that reflect our own, which exacerbates our sheltered worldview of opposing perspectives. Such opposition is evident on social media platforms. In addition, Bill Bishop’s book “The Big Sort” discusses the self-segregating of Americans based on cultural values and partisanship. As a result, our neighborhoods begin to reflect political homogenous communities.

The problem? It’s becoming harder to burst our bubblesㅡworldview, opinion, singular experiencesㅡin pursuit of truth. Our vision of the world is distorted and sheltered. Many of us possess greatness, yet if one only uses their gifts to serve those they know, how will they ever transform the world? Our contribution to this generation will require us to sacrifice comfortability for vulnerability. It’s time to burst your bubble, POP!

Words of Wisdom by Char of the week: There is a different standard for us to live by. Reject divisiveness. First, reboot your mindset to evaluate your mental programming. Our contribution to this generation will require us to exchange comfortability for vulnerability. Roman 12:2.