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WOW by Char: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place Learn how our decisions today impacts our tomorrow

By Chardonnay Beaver Between a rock and a hard place is an idiom that’s often referenced in popular culture. To paraphrase, to be between a rock and a hard place is to be in a very difficult situation that requires conflictual decision making. Fortunately, my life thus far hasn’t consisted of being in between a rock and a hard place. The experiences making conflictual decisions have taught me that our decisions today impact tomorrow’s reality. One of the best ways to evaluate the quality of your decisions is to consider what’s your first decision each day. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we have an opportunity to establish healthy processes that prepare us for the day ahead. According to an article in Forbes, that describes 12 reasons for why our decision making process is vital, one of the best decision techniques involves the daily application of an acronym: SOAR. SOAR stands for strength, opportunity, aspiration, and results. This technique is one method we can use to soar above the rocky terrains life presents. Whenever I feel weighed down by the burdens of conflictual decision making, I reach a conclusion that grants me peace: to surrender the outcome and to control the controllables. This is achieved after much prayer and conversing with wise counsel. Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: When you feel between a rock and a hard place, breathe and remember that this won’t last always. God is preparing you for what he’s prepared for you.