WOW by Char: It’s About Time You Embrace Your Storyline

It’s About Time You Embrace Your Storyline

How we narrate our experiences reveals our identity.

I believe one of the greatest ways to serve others is to tell one’s story. However, what about the stories we tell ourselves? Self-narrating and/or narrative identity is the process of developing an understanding of individual identity through the internalization of one’s lived experiences. We establish an understanding of who we are through the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

For example, consider an artist. Most artists are self-professed. Before they write their first song, paint their first masterpiece, and recite their first poem they must acknowledge within themselves who they are. Because they embrace their creative nature, they may begin to register moments that established their artistry. In short, each moment is intricately pieced together into a story.

To conclude, as we narrate our identity, we must decipher our truths from the world’s projections. Studying politics, I was often boxed into an analytical, tactical sector. I tried to abandon my creative nature to fulfill this storyline of what I thought it meant to be a successful college student. However, I frequently felt opposition as I tried to embrace a storyline that was not my own. One day, someone identified a truth in me that I struggled to accept. They declared “you are a creator” and instantly it all made sense.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the week: For that reason, when we get the opportunity to affirm the light within others, do so. Because as they form the pieces of their storyline, they embrace the fulfill of their identity and will be prone to serve others. Psalm 107:2