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3 Reasons Why Sha’Carri Richardson Embodies Black Girl Magic

Richardson wins the 100 meter, running the fastest wind-legal time for an American in nearly a decade.

By Chardonnay Beaver

Sha’Carri Richardson, 21, competed in Olympic Trials on Saturday June 19, 2021. In the 200 meter, Richardson ranks third in the world this year and first among Americans (22.11). In the 100 meter, Richardson ranks first place in the world this year; running the fastest wind-legal times (10.86) for an American in nearly a decade. Here are three reasons why she embodies Black girl magic!

Her authenticity and style.

As she ran with her bright orange hair flowing through the wind, she was determined to finish first. Her long acrylic nails and eyelashes are reminiscent of other great athletes like Florence Griffith Joyner (FloJo). However, what makes her an example of Black excellence is her resilience and relentless determination.

Her resilience and determination.

After winning the 100 meter, Richardson revealed that her biological mother had passed away just a few days prior to the Olympic Trials.

Her values are based on family and expressive gratitude.

Immediately after competing, Richardson shares in an interview that “without my grandmother, there would be no Sha’Carri Richardson, so my family’s my everything. My everything until the day I’m done.” Her heart-felt sentiment and gratitude reveals her character and overwhelming appreciation for her family.

Chardonnay Beaver

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