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Commit, Surrender, and Trust

Learn the instructions for becoming your greatest self

There’s a version of us that can’t stand on the sidelines and watch life pass us by; an inner being that calls us to live, not just exist. Oftentimes, we envision that version of us through the lens of fantasy, not fulfillment.

We were designed to move mountains and soar, yet many of us agree with ideas that intend to derail us from fulfilling our purpose.

Here’s the truth: the only way to reach the greatest version of ourselves is by walking down purpose avenue – no shortcuts, no intoxicating thrills… just purpose.

A counterargument that most believe, but won’t articulate, is that purpose avenue is costly. You’ll have to sacrifice, unlearn practices, and develop new disciplines to become your greatest self. On the contrary, living a life pursuing the ‘rat-race’, always trying to reach the next high, unfulfilled is more costly. Thus, everything will cost you something, it just depends on what cost you’re willing to pay.

Purpose avenue isn’t a linear path. As previously mentioned, we were designed to move mountains. Many times, those mountains are obstacles we’ll encounter along purpose avenue. According to Merriam-Webster, a synonym for purpose is intent. Meaning that everything you’ll encounter on purpose avenue is intentional, because we were created with excellence in mind.

So here are some instructions as you travel through purpose avenue: commit, surrender, and trust.

Commit to what you can control and give it your all. Surrender the outcome – the uncontrollable factors. Trust the process. According to Joshua Medcalf’s book, Chop Wood Carry Water these are the instructions that are crucial to remember while becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Words of Wisdom by Char of The Week: Don’t compromise your purpose by settling for temporary means that will leave you unfulfilled. Jeremiah 29:11