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Greetings from: the Alhambra State House-National Vanguard Regional Command Post, District 7

Greetings from:the Alhambra State House-National Vanguard Regional Command Post, District 7. It is with great honor and love we extend our hand to Allah in gratitude on this 94th anniversary of the Moorish Science Temple of America Temple #8, "Pine Bluff, Arkansas Republic"-AaMoornuyah, Ou Ga Pa earthlands.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali founded the theocratic Nation, restoring the Moorish Empire / Moroccan Empire / ancient Egyptian Empire - in the Western hemisphere. The Same Moors that : built the mounds, "poverty point", known as Olmecs, the Ancient Ones, were first to treaty with the newly formed U.S. minor in the treaty of peace and friendship of ~1787. Prophet Noble Drew Ali, A Cherokee Prince, the 5th Mason de Rouge and shared royal family lineage of Empress Tiari Gaston El Bey : Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah, started the first temple in Newark, New Jersey in ~1913. Forced to make changes, NDA religiously incorporated under the laws of the state of Illinois through the Hurds revived 805, file#10105905, August ~1st,1926, bringing together "everything it takes to be a Nation"-NDA. On May ~1,1928, Prophet Noble Drew Ali opened his 8th temple=Nation-state in Pine Bluff, Arkansaw Republic. Nearly ~100 years later it is one of the world's oldest Moorish Science Temples, properly chartered and still standing in honor.

Grand Sheik : Tammuz Hollaway El has held the torch for ~15 years, with Noble:Charles El as Assistant Grand Sheik. GS: Holloway El and Wizert/Wazir'a C Simone Selqet Bey El, in equity and trust, expressed a landmark of UNITY, in this~136th yNDA(~2022CC), an appointment of authority to the Alhambra State House as the subordinate MSTofA #8 at Palouse.

If you are interested in the upliftment of fallen humanity, proclaiming your Nationality or learning about Ancient history, stop by our Regional government office/Temple post: 1111 Tacoma Ave S. new Tacoma Washington. All praises due to Allah for keeping our temple for ~94 years, here is to ~94 moor, Inshallah. We can be found online @

Paid for By: Ecclesiastical Empire of Morocco

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William Jolley Bey
William Jolley Bey
Feb 12, 2023

Peace and love, first time purchasing. I just received a wonderful tigers eye accessory pin. Good services and great products. Looking forward to supporting Moor soon. Thank you... Alhambra State House.



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