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Happy Heavenly Birthday Brenda Jackson

Moms crown

GOD placed a golden crown 11.13.16 as our mother looked up he said BRENDA, I will explain each one.

First: a RUBY for endurance, a EMERALD next for leading your girls to me, teaching them lessons, making them who they are today.

SAPPHIRE for time and love you gave then untying strings that held them as they grew and left home.

For courage the LORD added a GARNET then the AMETHYST for the times spent on your knees asking GOD to take care for your family then having faith.

A PEARL for every sacrifice made keeping everyone happy, healthy and growing.

And last of all the DIAMOND for sharing unconditionally, its your love that helped many grow up making you feel safe, happy & proud.

Your love strong & pure shifting even the darkest cloud.

Printiss, Renee, 4 grands &

11 great grands including right hand Priyah.



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