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In Loving Memory Monica Marie Burgess

Monica Marie Burgess

April 7, 1956 to July 29, 2022

Monica Marie Burgess, born to Ethel Inez Smith and Malvin D. Smith Sr. in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, grew up in Duncan, was 9th of 11 children and baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1973. After graduation in LA, Monica worked at the Seattle FAA for 33 years; was married to Kenneth Burgess 44 years. Two children, Melanie Ribic (Trevor) of Spokane and Brandon Burgess of LA, 8 siblings of LA, in-laws Margaret Sneed and Brenda Williams (Richard) of Seattle, relatives and friends, mourn her. Lovingly she raised her children to worship Jehovah God and taught many while serving as a fulltime Bible teacher; both would be her life's work. Exceptional at cooking and baking, Monicakes was established in 1991. Monica was kind, treating others as family, loved the color orange, fashion, playing cards and dancing. Although a battle with breast cancer ended, Monica's hope to come back and live in paradise on earth as promised by Jehovah God, helped her remain faithful and positive. (Psalm 37:29) She'll dance again when she is resurrected by Christ Jesus! (John 5:28-29) Services were held after her death. Special thanks to all who visited and cared for Monica and the doctors and nursing staff associated with Seattle Integrative Cancer Center.