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In Loving Memory of Khaliqah A. Rahman

(Formerly Known as Otis Mae Madison) Sunrise December 17th, 1947 Sunset August 30th 2020

Khaliqah A. Rahman died of natural causes she was 73 years old, at the time of her passing. Khaliqah was the eldest and only daughter of Lonnie Holiday and the second of three siblings of her mother Hattie B. Madison. Khaliqah grew up in the Yesler Terrace a 22-acre public housing development in Seattle WA. It was completed in 1941 and it was the first racially integrated public housing development in the United States. Khaliqah graduated from both Washington Jr. High school and Garfield High school in Seattle WA. It was there at Garfield High school she became the first female in here family to graduate High school and receive a High school Diploma in Washington State.

In High school Khaliqah was known for her fashionable clothing style, artistic abilities, and her bangs.

In 1967 she married her High school sweetheart

Rafael A.M. Rahman (formerly Rayfield Mitchell). They were married for 27 years and divorced they both share a progeny of 5 children. 1 eldest daughter and 4 sons. During their marriage Khaliqah became a jack of many trades she was a natural at being an entrepreneur. Khaliqah was a seamstress, and a clothing designer she designed clothing styles for various events. She was a fine artist an Illustrator, she Illustrated a children’s Book for a friend, Khaliqah was a writer and a poet, as if that wasn’t enough.

She had her own licensed daycare at her home. She also designed and patented a hook for lace braiding hair. She loved watching home improvement shows and with the knowledge she learned she was able to remodel the bathroom and the kitchen in the family home in Seattle WA. And while doing this she started her own cosmetic company called Khaliqah Cosmetics. She did all of this before working a day job. After a while Khaliqah decided to go corporate and was hired at UPS. It was there that Khaliqah worked for a number of years until her retirement. She still did projects for friends. She joined New Direction Baptist Church in Seattle Washington there she remolded a floor and designed and made curtains.

Khaliqah was a loyal member of the church until her death. Khaliqah was a very Afrocentric and spiritual woman. She studied and saw Gods truths in many religious faiths. Her full name Khaliqah Ameena Rahman is an Islamic name. This multi-talented woman will be missed by her many friends and family.

Khaliqah A. Rahman is preceded in death by her mother Hattie B. Madison, father Lonnie Holiday, Older Sister Hellen Ratliff, younger Brother Captain Author J. Madison, and Uncle Marshall Taylor.

She is survived by her 5 Children; eldest daughter Rachel J. Rahman and her 4 sons Shahid I. Rahman, Waleed J. Rahman, Khalid O. Rahman and Abdul R. Rahman and whole host of cousins, nieces and nephews. The Funeral will be held at Marlatt Funeral Home at 713 Central Ave N. Kent WA. 98032 on Friday September 25th at 1 PM. Pastor Matthew J. Thornton of New Direction Baptist Church will be leading the service.

Due to Covid 19 Restrictions only 30 people are allowed in the Memorial Program Face Masks are Required—

After the Memorial service dinner information will be given everyone who wants to attend the Dinner must bring there own funds for payment.



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