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Seattle Democratic groups say yes to Proposition 1B.

Seattle, WA — Ranked-choice voting (RCV) is a tested, proven upgrade that Seattleites can adopt this year. The King County Democrats, every Seattle Legislative District group, and two Young Democrats groups have endorsed voting yes on Proposition 1B for RCV.

Here is the full list:

  • King County Democrats

  • Young Democrats of Washington

  • King County Young Democrats

  • 32nd District Democrats

  • 34th District Democrats

  • 36th District Democrats

  • 37th District Democrats

  • 43rd District Democrats

  • 46th District Democrats

That’s a total sweep of all Seattle Democratic Party Legislative District endorsements for Proposition 1B.

Shasti Conrad, Chair of the King County Democrats, said, “Ranked-choice voting is a tested, proven tool for upgrading elections in Seattle. More voter engagement means a better Democracy, and that's what ranked-choice voting does. Whether you want to see local government to be more accountable, or you want to see more people of diverse backgrounds running for office, vote for Proposition 1B.”

Lisa Ayrault, Executive Director of FairVote Washington said, “The endorsements for RCV keep rolling in. Over 30 community groups have already endorsed Proposition 1B and that list is still growing. Seattleites are ready to upgrade to RCV.”

RCV is a simple-to-use, nonpartisan reform that gives voters more choice, more voice, and more say in elections. It is used in over 50 places across the country and it creates more issue-based campaigns that can better serve Seattleites.

Learn more about the Ranked-Choice Voting for Seattle campaign at


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