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Low Hanging Fruit

Learn how to reach beyond arm's length

By Chardonnay Beaver

A word I’ve recently considered is “meekness.” Meekness can be defined as power under control. The suggested challenge is how we manage what’s in our control.

Here’s an analogy that furthers this sentiment of meekness:

I recently encountered an apple tree. The tree’s leaves were scorch green, dwindling due to the fierce July heat.

Still and yet, the apples in arm’s length were fully intact.

In my creative nature, the phrase “low hanging fruit” came to mind. This isn’t a phrase I use in my daily vocabulary. I’ve probably never used this phrase until now which, in theory, makes for a great analogy.

I began to consider the low hanging fruit in my life: all the outcomes that are tangible. Low hanging fruit are the situations we can control, the outcomes we can actively work towards achieving. Whereas, high hanging fruits are beyond arm's length, and even out of sight.

When I saw that apple tree, I didn’t see the apples resting between the higher branches. When I saw that apple tree, I saw the apples in reach.

Let’s just say the apples on this tree represent desirable outcomes in life. Buying a house, furthering your education, healing from an injury, for example.

Daily we are given the opportunity to pick certain outcomes, just like obtaining the low hanging apples. However, the outcomes out of reach, the high hanging apples, require faith and vision to obtain.

Just like a tree, life offers us a balance of low- and high hanging fruit. It’s ultimately up to you whether or not you choose to reach beyond arm’s length.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: God is concerned about what you desire. God is concerned about how you obtain your desires. The worst thing to reach for is what’s good, but not right for you. Psalms 37:11



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