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Minimizers and Maximiers: You’re Not Powerless, It’s Just Beyond Your Power.

Chardonnay Beaver - Words of Wisdom

Influential Speaker, Storyteller, Creator of

WOWbyChar, and University of Washington Student.

In the words of Coldplay Hardest Part, the hardest part is letting go. Some would suggest, “you got to know when to hold them, and when to fold them” also featured in Kenny Rogers’s The Gambler. It seems to me that many people, from various walks of life, have had difficulties in accepting what they can actually control: themselves. During highly anxious and uncertain times, some may tend to overthink, worry, or doubt. I call these the Minimizers because they use their power to question what has yet to occur; leading them to play it safe or perform under their minimal capacity. While others will overwork, pressure themselves, and believe they can meet every deadline, Zoom meeting, and occasion without the need to ask for help. I call these the Maximizers because they use their power to maximize their agenda, leaving little time for themselves. Oftentimes, their plate is full and their eyes are aching from sitting in Zoom meetings all day.

Whether you’re a Minimizer or a Maximizer, I’m sure you fall somewhere along the spectrum. My point is, neither one of these two groups are living in the fullness of their capabilities or potential. The Minimizers are thoughtful of their schedule and time, but operate beneath their potential which prohibits growth and challenge. Whereas Maximizers are over exerting themselves. They’re working harder and not smarter. In closing, my goal is to highlight the ways in which we use our power. Seek balance.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the week: To my Maximizers and Minimizers, you’re powerful! Get out of your head and take a leap of faith.


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