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Pacific Northwest Loses a valuable gem, Seattle TV forecaster Steve Pool

Passes away at 70 after battle with early onset Alzheimer's

Posted on social media earlier this week: Dear Friends, I am here to share the sad news that my dear hus- band, my love, has passed away from early-onset Alzheimer's disease. He fought this terrible disease privately for several years, and with every ounce of his being. He told me multiple times to "never count me out" and we never did. This past week it became too much and he passed away peacefully. We are so blessed to have had him in our lives. He was an extraordinary man, husband, father and good friend to many. Please know that he truly loved his job and this community and

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felt so privi- leged to be a part of your lives. You were all so good to him and thereby good to us. Our hearts are irre- trievably broken. Please say a prayer for him and our family. Much love, Michelle and our daughters Lindsey and Marissa

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My sincere condolences to you and your family I’ve moved from Washington state recently but when I was there watched him everyday, He will be missed praying for comfort and peace.

Geraldine Carter


Betty Odom
Betty Odom
01 de dez. de 2023

My Deepest Sympathy to you and Family I will miss that Beautiful Smile that Lighted up our Day he will truly be Miss l