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Perfecting Persistence | Learn to overcome despite your pain

By Chardonnay Beaver

Persistence is defined as the ability to proceed or continue ‘despite’ difficulty and opposition, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Persistence is characterized through one’s insistence, unchangingness, repetitiveness, and stubbornness. The greatest athletes, artists and activists have this one thing in common: the ability to overcome while in pain. For instance, Latina artist Frida Kahlo's traumatic neck injury inspired her to paint. What sustained Kahlo through incessant days laying in bed was her paintings, according to an article published by the History Channel. Opportunities to persist, while enduring pain, can activate new means for expression. Obstacles turn into opportunities when we push through our pain towards a greater purpose. Our culture of instant gratification doesn’t promote persistence. Most people will settle for being consistent because of its stability. Consistency measures the duration in which an action or discipline is continued; whereas, persistence evaluates an individual's ability to continue ‘despite’ challenges. Imagine life’s obstacles as mountains. Instant gratification encourages us to beautify the side of the mountain. Making the side of the mountain our living room is like lounging in our pain. Whereas, persistence demands the total opposite. To persist looks like getting our shoes unexpectedly dirty to reach the top of the mountain. In short, persistence thrives in the presence of pain. Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: Don’t forfeit your destiny by choosing to lounge in your pain. Pain was designed to be a vehicle, propelling towards our God-given purpose. Romans 5:3



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