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Remembering Linda Burgess-Duncan

Linda Elaine Burgess-Duncan

I wrote the following for you when we met and what it says about you is as true today as when it was wrien.

“Beauty is the light of Truth, and the Truth is everlasng. Revel in your Beauty and marvel at its light, but keep your Innocence.” You certainly kept your (inner and outer) Beauty and Innocence as a gift from God!

We were blessed to have you in our lives, here on earth and we are sll blessed to have you in our hearts.

Happy Birthday (baby),

from our daughters Doris Mitchell-Ri0erodt and Heather Brooks-Wilson, and our grandchildren Jamila, Jamal, Kamaria (same birthday and freckles), Alexia, William, and Evan, and from your husband always


we love and miss you forever.


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