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Senior Older and Wiser By June Michel

REMEMBER I TOLD YOU THERE IS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN NATIONAL RENTAL ASSISTANCE voted on by Congress? Good news, our share of that assistance money has started flowing into Washington. If you owe back rent and you can show that you got behind because of coronavirus related illness or loss of work there is rent money available to you. These programs have been enacted to prevent you from losing your home because of the pandemic. We need to jump on this opportunity.

1. IF YOU LIVE IN SEATTLE: Contact BYRD BAR PLACE. Their website states “For residents living in the City of Seattle, we have new emergency rental assistance funding available. With this emergency funding, qualified applicants can get help paying back up to 15 months of past, present, or future rent.” There is an easy application form online but getting to it can be discouraging here are the steps. 1. On the home page there is a large purple box that ends with learn more and apply. Click on that. 2. The instruction page comes right up. On the right side it says APPLY HERE. Click on that. You will have to wait, don’t panic, by the time you sing happy birthday the application will appear. You do not need to submit anything just wait.

Here is the site:

The Byrd Bar Place telephone number is 206-812-4940

2. RENTAL ASSISTANCE KING COUNTY: United Way, King County and Seattle have a rental assistance program. Their website states “Rent Help is available! United Way of King County is partnering with the City of Seattle. Funds for this program were received through the Federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA). Eligible families can receive between 3 to 12 months of rent help (9 months in back rent and 3 months forward), depending on their income and type of lease agreement held with the landlord/property manager. Agency Staff will help determine how much assistance a household is eligible to receive.” Here is the site: The rental assistance information is down toward the bottom of the page. The United Way telephone number is 206-461-3700

3. TREASURY RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: This is a Federal and Washington State rental assistance program. Here is the website: From their homepage you will be directed to select your County. For Example selecting King County and clicking on the link provided sends you to King County Department of Community Human Services website at This site gives instructions for application to their program entitled Eviction Prevention Rent Assistance. The telephone number is 206-263-3481

NO ONE WANTS TO END UP HOMELESS, this is especially true now when we are in the middle of a spike in the coronavirus pandemic and help is available. Please share this information with your friends, your family and church groups.


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