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Senior Older and Wiser By June Michel

HAPPY NEW YEAR SENIORS, may 2021 be a fabulous year for us bringing financial stability and medical miracles. We fought the good fight in 2020 and made real progress on many fronts but don't be taking off your gloves just yet, your awareness and advocacy for seniors will be essential in 2021. Successful advocacy happens when we share our facts, the numbers and our stories. You start with "Did you know that ..." Then plug in one of these fac


1. Seattle is home to more than 747,300 people. Approximately 29% are age 50 or older, and 12.1% are age 65 or older .

2. The median age in Seattle is 35.2,

3. 2020 is unlucky. When you reduce the numbers in 2020 by adding them straight across you get a 4. In many Asian countries the number four is considered unlucky and to be avoided. One reason is that in Chinese the word four is very similar to the word for death. After living through almost a year of the coronavirus pandemic death and destruction would you believe 2020 was unlucky?

4. 2021 is a lucky number. Reducing 2021 by adding straight across gives you a 5. Five as a lucky number stands for freedom.

5. SURVIVAL RATE CALCULATOR: There is a quick quiz online that will predict your chances of surviving COVID-19. I decided that before I suggest it to you I should take the test myself. It's called the Survival Rate Calculator but good news, it gives you the odds of your dying of COVID-19 once infected NOT YOUR SURVIVAL RATE. I want to emphasize that difference since I almost passed out when it gave me a 5.04% chance. So, it tells me that if I take precautions I have only a 5.04% chance of dying if I became infected. Here is the test:

6. WHAT DOES AULD LANG SYNE MEAN? Auld Lang Syne is a Scottish poem from the late 1700s. It actually says that we should not forget our long standing friends and we should raise a cup of kindness in their honor. But the second verse is more fun, it says so for old friends sake buy yourself a pint to raise and surely you'll buy mine.



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