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Donaldson Family History Event

As one of Washington State’s largest Black families, we’re proud of our history. We invite all Donaldson and extended family members to an event honoring our matriarch, Anna (Smalley) Donaldson (1856-1904).

Donaldson Family, ca. 1902, Roslyn, Washington.

Anna is the wife of Jessee Donaldson (1846-1913).

Community members and friends are also invited.

Headstone Dedication & Reception

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2024

Location: Evergreen Cemetery, Everett

Time: 12pm-4pm featuring Soulfusion -

The Donaldsons were recruited from the deep South to break a white coal miner’s strike in

Roslyn, WA in the 1890s, alongside hundreds of Black families who joined them,

including the Craven, Barnett, Hart, and Breckenridge families.

The Roslyn Black community is part of the Northwest Black Pioneers enduring legacy, and the new headstone for Anna adds to the

landmarks and visible reminders of this past.


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