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Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

Chardonnay Beaver - Words of Wisdom

Influential Speaker, Storyteller, Creator of

WOWbyChar, and University of Washington Student

How integrity becomes countercultural during the age of social media.

I remember when I started my first social media account. I was 14 years old. Meanwhile, the majority of my peers had Facebook accounts as early as 11 years old. My reasons for joining the world of social media were mainly for social purposes: to stay connected with friends and family through the internet.

Although some may argue that I was too young to create a social media profile, youth today (born between 2004-present) can not fathom a world without social media. We live in a world today where the angle of one’s photo, face, and possessions are praised over personality and morals. In short, many are seeking to live in an unattainable highlight reel.

With that said, how do we measure integrity in a society where people live in disguises: behind filters, impeccable lighting, and unmaintainable lifestyles? When I think about integrity, I tend to ask myself this question: who are you when no one is watching? Integrity is about possessing moral principles and exhibiting them through daily practice.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the week: Integrity is about who you are when no one is watching.



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