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Words of Wisdom by Char

Chardonnay Beaver- University of Washington Student, Public Speaker 

Protect Black Women 

The protection and empowerment of Black women is crucial!! I had the opportunity to participate in the Say Her Name Seattle march and rally on Saturday June 27, 2020 at 2pm. The march began at Othello park; where over a dozen speakers of Black womxn (ages 8 and up) discussed police brutality, womanhood, and abuse. Their demands included the re-opening or Charleena Lyles and Yvonne McDonald case. The march ended at Van Assault Park, directly across the street from the South Seattle police precinct. 

Similar to my brand (Words Of Wisdom by Char) I strive daily to be the most authentic and honest version of myself. I was honored to be a speaker. The topics I discussed the adultification— the process in which children are prematurely exposed to adult experiences, relevant to trauma— of Black girls, white people and their pedagogy of race, and the inquest necessary for the re-opening of the Charleena Lyles case. 

On Saturday, we did just that. Black women from various backgrounds united in solidarity for one cause. Thank you to those who came to support the movement, which must continue!!



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