WOW by Char: You Have Yet To Read Your Greatest Story

You Have Yet To Read Your Greatest Story

When you think this chapter is over, turn the page

Transition is defined as a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Although transition at times can be daunting, it reminds us that the most consistent feature of life is change. The concept of “the end” is really just a mere invitation to a new beginning.

A friend once told me, with full confidence, “I like change”. Impressed by this bold statement, I asked them “have you had to experience more forced change than the change you initiate?”, to which they replied “I see it all the same”. Shortly after, I had two realizations. One, change does not occur by chance, it’s guaranteed. Two, I can continue to lump the changes of my life into two categories (initiated or uninitiated) or embrace them as one continual experience.

Like any story, we all have our favorite parts. But until the story is complete we will never experience the totality of who we were meant to be. Many of us have sought after satisfaction amidst change; however, I now seek peace amidst change. The truth is: when one is young it’s quite challenging to envision the full picture; when one’s worldview is limited, it’s difficult to see with full vision. However, we should be grateful that our greatest stories have already been written. One’s finale is the premier of another’s show. For that reason, change is tangible and reliable. When you're ready for a new story, with great anticipation, turn the page!

Words of Wisdom by Char of The Week: Your greatest story has already been written. Every character on every page was intentional. Recognize the order of your story (the beginning, middle, and end) and allow it to unfold with time. If we continue to fight change, we will always restrict ourselves from experiencing the journey that awaits us. What do you want this chapter in your life to read? Jeremiah 29:11