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WOWbyChar - Resilience: Where Do We Go From Here Seattle?

Chardonnay Beaver, Public Speaker, Creator of WOWbyChar, and University of Washington Student.

This article is dedicated to all my Lauryn Hill fans

Merriam-Webster defines resilience to be one’s “ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. Although change is inevitable, how do we as a community and people overcome the unknown? Living in a society where all things come to an end (in the words of Miss Lauryn Hill and the Refugee-Camp All Star 1997 Sweetest Thing from the Love Jones soundtrack) how do you recover in order to make room for what’s to come? All these questions are subjective but valid. Within the last eight months the world as we know it has changed immensely! On January 1st, 2020 I would have never imagined a global pandemic ― known as Covid-19, CoronaVirus, Rona, Miss Rona, etc.― would force all Americans into quarantine. Schools, shopping malls, churches, beauty supply stores, nail salons, work-out facilities, restaurants, and God knows what else was shut down!

Amidst quarantine, the abuse of Black bodies and continuation of police brutality prompted an uproar around the world. The world finally recognized that we were victims of two pandemics: white supremacy and Covid-19. Seattle activist, artist, and youth occupied the East Seattle Police Precinct; creating the infamous CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest), later renamed to CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone). Moreover, the battle to preserve a Black presence in the Central Area and South Seattle (Soufend) is interconnected with the King County Equity Now, Community Passageways, and AfricaTown movement to “Pay The Fee” and defund the police movement. Witnessing versed residents unite to discuss the vision of the Black community gave me pride to call myself a Seattleite. We made up our mind to define our own destiny (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 1997).

At this point you’re probably wondering where is she going with this? Or what does this have to do with resilience? Well… Miss Lauryn Hill once sang everything is everything, after winter must come spring, change will come eventually. Although we are facing some tumultuous times financially, socially, and politically we are in this fight together. Some of our readers may have lost their job or loved ones. Remember, change is promised and this too shall pass. In fact, autumn is right around the corner! As you prepare to return to school, continue to meet your obligations, or stay at home here are some words of wisdom..

Take it all day by day Serve someone in your community (the essence of service is humanity) Be kind to yourself, give yourself grace (you’re doing the best you can)



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