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33 What will you make of 2023

2023 is windling away. With just 33 days left in this year, what do you plan to make of it? Each of us reside on a spectrum that should prompt us to reflect on this year. Some of us are overjoyed, ramped up with excitement for the new year. Others are overloaded with grief ea- gerly anticipating the end of this year. Well, I’ve been in both places. Last year I experienced much grief. Sev- eral of my closest relatives and fami- ly friends had passed away. While I WOW by Char (Family Features) Cooler weather inevita- bly means cough, cold and flu season isn’t far behind. Now is the time to take precau- tions and set yourself up with healthy hab- its. “As much as we try, avoiding viruses, bac- teria and germs to prevent getting sick can be a challenge,” Dr. Tim Tiutan, MD, said. “However, being prepared with the right remedies, listening to your body and its symptoms and remaining diligent with a healthy routine is just as important as treat- ing symptoms head on.” To help navigate this cough, cold and flu season, consider these tips from Tiutan and the experts at Mucinex. University of Washington Student. had peace, I also encountered the symptoms of pain. 2022 taught me that pain is a vehicle God uses to draw us nearer to Him and our purpose. And after last year I’m incredibly grateful this was the year that followed. Growing in my faith, cel- ebratory graduations and awards, to elevation in my career and passions, to travel and leisure. 2023 has been a beautiful year. Do with this information what you will: 2023 isn’t over yet! Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: What will you do with the time you have left? What habits or practices do you want to embark on before the new year? How will you show up this holiday season? What parts of your character need to be developed or examined? Romans 12:3



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