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American Heartbreak

These poems are dedicated to the unbroken chain of black poets who have given us a legacy of poetic treasure to share; Also to the legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver , the Founder of The Facts Newspaper in Seattle Washington.

American Heartbreak

I am the American heartbreak---

The rock on which Freedom

Stumped its toe---

The great mistake

That Jamestown made

Long ago.


That Justice is a blind goddess

Is a thing to which we black are wise:

Her bandage hides two festering sores

That once perhaps were eyes.

The Author of these two poems is Langston Hughes(1902-19670. He was born in Joplin ,Missouri.He worked odd job such as with ocean freighters in Africa and Europe.He eventually graduated from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.He received many writing awards and strengthened the Unbroken Chain of Black Poets.