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ANEW - An Effort To Bring More Women And People of Color Into Construction

As it still stands today, we envision a thriving community where there is equal access to family wage and career pathways resulting in a diverse, skilled workforce. ANEW offers FREE 11-week training classes that focus on getting Woman, people of color and gender diverse individuals into the construction trades by giving them the skills they need to be successful. Our goal is to get our graduates placed into an apprenticeship that pays $20-30/hr, and your wages only go up from here!

Two of our core values at ANEW are: Making a Difference by harnessing resources, courage and commitment to make the world a better place and leadership - which requires us to lead by example and have a clear vision of the future. Join us!

Anyone who is interested can find the dates for our FREE 11-week training classes listed on our website: There you can go to our events page and register for an info session to learn more about our programs.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Community at the present time and always. We are deeply passionate about our commitment to the demographics that we serve, and we are committed to continuing to be a Safe Space for people of color in our communities.”



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