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Assessor Wilson Thanks the Legislature for Passing Senior Tax Relief Bill

Saying seniors, the disabled, and veterans need property tax relief now, King County Assessor John Wilson today thanked the members of the Senate for joining the House in passing HB 1355, which will expand eligibility for existing property tax exemption programs for seniors and disabled persons. The bill passed the Senate Friday afternoon, and now goes to the Governor’s desk.

“The legislature is working on many proposals to increase the supply of housing this year, but one smart thing we can do is use tax relief to keep more people, particularly seniors struggling to make ends meet, in their current homes,” noted Wilson, “That is what this bill will do.”

HB 1355, sponsored by Rep. Sharon Wylie (D Vancouver), expands the qualifying income thresholds for the property tax exemption and deferral programs for low-income senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and veterans, allowing the program to keep up with inflation, and making many more people eligible. The bill immediately raises the current threshold by 5%, and ties future increases to the most recent County Median Household Income level. In King County this will raise the income eligibility level from roughly $58,000 per year to just over $72,000 per year.



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