Build your strength & endurance with ZERO equipment!

Do this simple at-home strength workout in just 15 minutes for BIG results! Stay home, stay safe and let's get strong TOGETHER!! 

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Developing a quick first step! Ultimately every truly elite ball handler has a killer first step. Follow this "Day in the Life of Watts Virtual Training" ball handling workout to get started on your journey to becoming an elite ball handler!

Okay cool, but what exactly do I do?

Strength & Endurance Exercises

  1. Set a number for each push ups, sit ups and dips that you can do in 1 minute for 5 sets.

  2. Set the timer for 15 minutes.

  3. Each set begins on the minute mark- so if I did 10 pushups in 40 seconds, I have 20 seconds of rest until I begin the next round of pushups.

  4. Repeat each exercise 5x.

Ball Handling Exercises

  1. 10x each side crossover step.

  2. 30 seconds each way between the legs -> focusing on hand speed.

  3. 10x each way between the legs -> crossover step.

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