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But First, Let’s Heal But First, Let’s Heal

The greatest gift we can pursue

By Chardonnay Beaver

I’m not a big fan of passivity. 

Growing-up in Seattle, passive aggression is common. Passivity is like that person who procrastinates and, as a result, experiences the consequences of putting off said task. 

Passivity hurts us in the end. 

An area of our lives I ask we not be passive about is our health. More specifically, our emotional health. You’ll only go as far as your health allows. Though some of us work ourselves to the bone, striving to make ends meet; once you reach that level, you’ll soon learn your health is not equipped to sustain you. 

In our community, in our families, we have too many children disguised as adults. Too many people are unaware of the places and spaces where health has been negotiated. It troubles me. It troubles me to see how our unhealthy selves spills out on our youth, and our community at large. The ways we try to cope. The lies about ourselves we’ve come to believe. 

If we’re not careful, we’ll begin to normalize dysfunction. Just because it’s constant, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Think of dysfunction as a tumor: you may be able to function with it, but every area will gradually shut down if not removed. 

With only 6 months remaining in this year, I urge you to consider how you can actively initiate your healing. 

Words of Wisdom of Char The Week: Healed people create healed families. Healed families create healed communities. Healed communities create healed nations. Before we can point the finger at anyone else, your heart is yours to heal. Your body is yours to care for. Your mind is yours to tend to. 



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