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Chardonnay Beaver - Words of Wisdom

Black History Month, period.

Learn why our history can’t be restrained to a timeframe.

My Dad calls me his “little historian.” Early-on I developed an interest in understanding the past. History has the ability to reflect or deflect our present. Arguably, knowing our history is more relevant today than ever before.

Black History is American history. Centering the diverse stories of Black Americans for one month is a disservice to all people. The Black American experience has inspired a myriad of generations to forge a path for themselves when the road seems dark and grim.

For example, during the 1970’s, the Black Power Movement empowered Black Americans to embrace their unassimilated beauty, history and culture. The Black Panthers relentless efforts to boldly unify inspired other oppressed groups – like the Chinese “Yellow Peril” Movement and Mexican “Brown Beret” Movement in Oakland, CA– to rise-up against injustice.

Black History exhibits the unreluctant contribution of Black Americans. Despite the different social movements within the Black community, we share one struggle.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: In order to value where you are, you have to remember where you’ve been. The efforts of Black people – who fought to be deemed as human – is unparalleled. We have many movements, but one struggle.



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