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Chukundi Salisbury


has been a lifelong resident of the 37th district, a passionate environmentalist, a 23-year union member at the City of Seattle, and a consistent community advocate and leader. He lives in Rainier Beach with his loving wife and two children. He has been at the forefront of the fight for racial and environmental justice delivering results for the district. He founded the Youth Green Corp, which has been touted as a model for the Green New Deal, at the City of Seattle to help create pathways for youth to get good jobs in the environmental sector. He worked with his mother, Rev. Harriett Walden, to create Mothers for Police Accountability after his brothers were brutalized by the police. Standing with his mother, he has grown into a leader in the fight for police accountability. In addition, he has founded several nonprofits and small businesses including Urbvote, 100 Black Parents, Seaspot, and SoulPride - which was created after his brother's death due to HIV and raises awareness around LGBTQ+ issues. He hopes to continue his work as a legislator and fight to end Gun Violence, Gentrification, and Systematic Racism while improving our environment, schools, and implementing universal childcare."



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