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Community representatives wanted for team investigating police use of deadly force

The Bellevue Police Department seeks five community members to serve as community representatives on a new Independent Force Investigation Team – King County, which will investigate police use of deadly force in Bellevue and its partner jurisdictions. The volunteer position is a unique opportunity to play a significant role that ensures accountability, transparency and trust between the community and the police department. Those interested must apply, providing a resume and letter of interest, by 11:59 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 11. The city seeks people with strong connections to Bellevue’s diverse communities. If there is a deadly use of force incident in Bellevue, two community members will join investigation team to investigate the case. Per Washington state’s Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act, all police use of deadly force that results in death, substantial bodily harm or great bodily harm will be investigated entirely independently of the involved agency. The independent investigative team must include at least two community members. The community representatives’ duties include participating in vetting, interviewing and screening the independent investigative team for an incident. They will also be present at briefings with the Bellevue police chief, be provided all communications before public release and have access to the investigation file when completed. Volunteers will receive training on investigative protocols. To be considered for this unique opportunity, applicants must be at least 21 and live, work or have other strong ties to the Bellevue community. Volunteers must also pass a criminal records background check, attend basic training and meet the time commitments required.



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