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Congratulations Corbin!!

Corwin Scott, the staunch Tacoma area community leader, is the recipient of an accolade he is due to receive on Saturday, July 30th. He is being recognized for his tireless work with everyone from local organizations to Tacoma, King and Snohomish county residents. His reach is far and success measured by the success of those who stop him in the street to update them on how they've turned their lives around. Corwin has said "When people stop tell me I've changed their lives, I tell them you've changed your own life. I just helped provide tools to do it."

Congratulations on receiving the Community Award for “We Are Who We Are Waiting For” 2022. Not only do you give back to the community, giving is who you are. Your Spirit is selfless and humble. I’m not just proud of the man you are, I’m incredibly proud of the leader you are. Congratulations! You deserve it.

Warm Regards, H.B.