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In Loving Memory of Aubrey G. Moffett

Aubrey Gerald Moffett, died Friday, July 17, 2020 in Bellevue, Washington. He leaves his ex-wife Michelle, three sons William Alexander, Benjermin Aubrey and Max, two sister’s Linda Yarbrough, Angela Cross, two brothers Jimmy Cross and Jonathan Cross. Aubrey also leaves lots of nieces, nephews and cousins, friends, and the Jones family we will all miss him so very much. Born in Wichita Falls Texas and raised in Seattle Washington. Lived in Seattle, Bellingham, and Bellevue until his demise. Aubrey served in the Army and received an honorable discharge after his first tour in Germany. Aubrey was a man who truly loved learning his house was full of educational books of varying sources of knowledge. Aubrey achieved much in his life and mastered many skills. He was well accomplished and attended some college, but no graduations. Aubrey is the definition of someone who did not give up or give into the past bondages that prevent him from achieving all that he was called predestined and ordained to do here on this earth and had many accomplishments. Aubrey loved to serve others and use his manu gifts and skills to bless others unselfishly, he is a true servant after God’s own heart.. Aubrey wrote a proclamation: I believe that I have grown, not in size, but in wisdom I now look back through the years and accept my faults, failures, and mistakes of the past. I hold them up to the light of day, repenting, depending on Jesus an allowing Him to transform me and let them be just that the past! And in doing so, I’ve opened up a world of my own creation with a past, present and future that is limitless in time and space in which to build upon my failures and success in the present and the future. Aubrey Gerald Moffett, we LOVE and MISS YOU!!!

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