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In Loving Memory of Jewel E. Adams Jr

Jewel passed away on Saturday, October 17, 2020 from heart complications.

Born in 1957, preceded in death by mother Loanita Jones, and father Jewel E. Adams Sr. He is survived by his siblings Charmaine Thompson, Sylvia Adams, Solomon Adams, Trent Adams, and Loanita Adams, and many nieces and nephews, and friends of the family.

Following a lifelong battle with mental illness, Jewel had been diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18. He was a beautiful minded and spirited person. He was a long-time resident of Boston, Massachusetts until relocating to Washington State.

He loved football. Such success could not easily have been predicted in Jewel's early years, when he was an ungainly, somewhat undisciplined defender earning his MVP football title at English High School in Boston, MA.

Jewel will be immensely missed by all his family and friends.

תגובה אחת

My dear brother may you R.I.H. I will cherish the memories we have together. Love you forever. Your sister Charmaine



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