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In Loving Memory of "King" Tiffany N. Renfro

" King" Tiffany Nicole Renfro was born September 15, 1984 in Seattle, Wa. She was raised in Holly Park and her family moved to the Wedgwood neighborhood in 1993. She attended Eckstein Middle School and Roosevelt Highschool where she excelled in Basketball. She was

freshmen on the varsity basketball team. She then decided to get her GED and began a program at Seattle Center. She soon found her love for poetry and photography. She was then accepted into an Arts program for photography and videoaraphy. She filmed and directed a few short films.

She was always independent and did things her way. While serving a brief stent at a womens correctional facility she recieved her pre apprenticeships construction certification. She was on the front lines digging fire lines and enjoyed the hardwork and recognition.

Once released she realized the need for programs that help with recently released individuals to get back into their communities. She attended Seattle Central organizing a program to help fund with this. She met with a lot of individuals that where in her same shoes. She soon teamed up with local foundations and offered her assistance to aid in relief after a major disaster. She drove a truck cross country picking up supplies from various donations. She was finally finding her calling which was to help others.



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