In Loving Memory of MarQuies D Patterson


MarQuies Demone Patterson

Being of Time: January 01, 1989

Journey to Paradise: November 08, 2020

MarQuies Demone Patterson was born on January 1, 1989, and on November 8, 2020 he left behind his loving parents, two perfect children, and two beautiful twin sisters. His family loved him more than life, and he had tremendous love for his family. MarQuies was blessed with numerous relatives and friends, and the sadness we feel is indescribable. Indeed, his entry into heaven is wonderful and joyful, yet his death created a huge void in many lives.

Unfortunately, MarQuies didn't get the opportunity to reach a ripe old age, however his accomplishments were many, such as: graduating from Stadium High School in Tacoma where he was well respected by students and staff members. He was chosen to join the track team in which he exceled and enjoyed the sport immensely; his position was the 4X400 leg long distance relay.

In 2008, after his high school graduation MarQuies earned an athletic scholarship to attend Spokane Community College, and once again, he was ecstatic about joining the track team. He later enrolled into the Seattle Vocational Institute where he earned his Construction Certificate and License. MarQuies proved to many that resilience, coupled with faith and hope encourages one to navigate and defeat life's endless challenges

This young man made many more untold contributions to our society, and there's no doubt he was on the right track in serving as an inspiration and role model for others to follow. Unfortunately, his life was abruptly snatched from this world, and only God knows the incredible contributions he would have continued to make in our lives, and in our society.

The Lord made us a son who was strong enough to know when he was weak, and brave enough to face himself when he was fearful, A son who was gracious but unwavering in honest defeat, and humble in victory. The Lord made us a son whose heart was pure and whose goal was high; A son who was led by God before he led others; one who learn to laugh, but never forgot how to cry; one who reached into the future; yet­­ never forgot the past. The Commemoration Services for MarQuies: will be PRIVATE and by INVITATION, “ the family will be putting a zoom video link on Facebook and Instagram. The family will have a private dinner at a later time.

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