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In Loving Memory of Yasmine Ezell

Our dearest Yasmine Ezell left this earth March 18, 2021 at the tender age of 21. Services are being scheduled for April 6, 2021 12-4pm at Scott Funeral Home

Your Fathers last words

"If there was anything I could say to you. if you were in front of me right now it would be

you turned out better than me and your mother and I learned more from you than you will ever know. You have strength and courage and a huge heart to have the ability to love your father from afar despite your fawls you presursed all of your siblings and loved all your cousins as one. I learned more from you than I'll ever let you know within your short time on this earth. It was abundant amount of family in a village of people who prayer and put in the work and time for you and this family to have made it this far. what I remember most about you is, you loved to sing, dance and laugh and be surrounded by family and lots of friends. But what I will never forget is the examples you and your sisters set for me and your brothers, is that girls can be as tuff as boys as well as independent. This is only the beginning of what god has in store for you. For he makes no mistakes or mess in his creations. For wherever you go or how old you get you will always be a daddy girl!!"




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