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In Memory of Maurice Hunter

The Hunter Family is reaching out to you with a heavy heart to share some difficult news about our family. We recently lost our beloved patriarch of our family, Maurice Hunter on Christmas Eve, and are navigating the challenges that come with unexpected funeral costs and potential future family expenses.

In our time of grief, we are humbly seeking support from friends, family, and our community to help with funeral planning and the cost that has come with honoring Maurice and planning for the future well-being of our family.

If you can find it in your heart to contribute, your donation will not only assist us in covering immediate funeral expenses but will also contribute to a fund aimed at providing a safety net for any unforeseen family needs that may arise in the future. We understand that circumstances change, and having a financial buffer will provide some peace of mind during uncertain times.

Whether your support comes in the form of a financial contribution or simply sharing this message with others who may be able to help, every gesture is deeply appreciated. We are immensely grateful for any support you can offer during this challenging period.

Your kindness and compassion mean the world to us, and we thank you for considering our family in your thoughts and actions during this difficult time.

Thank you.



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