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Inslee statement on continued ballot counting

Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statement today as the country waits for votes to be counted.

“There was always a possibility we wouldn’t know who would win the presidency on election night. More Americans this year have voted early and by mail than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those votes were legal, duly-cast and must be counted, even if it takes some time.

“Local election officials across Washington worked tirelessly to ensure this was a secure election and that every legal vote was counted – and there has been no information to suggest otherwise in our state or nationally.

“States control elections, not the federal government. We know that counting continues until every ballot is tallied. This is how elections have always worked and the process must be respected.

“I call on elected officials across the country, regardless of party, to stand up and protect the will of the voters. It may take time to count every ballot, but the voice of the American people is worth the wait.”



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