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Learn why all great things take a little longer than expected.

There are no direct flights to greatness, it’s a road trip. You may have heard the saying “good things take time, great things take a little longer”. Greatness is developed through the process of maturation. The maturation I’m referring to is mental, emotional, and spiritual. I believe age is a poor indicator of one’s maturity because there are innumerous adults with immature mentalities. Anyhow, the process of becoming our greatest self isn’t passive. Instead, one must choose to activate their greatest self through deliberate efforts. Those efforts may include, but aren't limited to: unlearning unhealthy practices, illuminating self deprecating language, processing one’s trauma, and extending and receiving grace. For this reason, the trip to greatness must be a road trip. Although we live in a generation of instant gratification, most would easily prefer the most convenient, comfortable, and predictable route to greatness. Consider the conditions of a direct flight. You board the plane with your boarding pass in hand. Your seat is already assigned, you have an idea of when the flight will land, and you're anticipating your arrival. Perhaps you're not comfortable, but you’re content knowing that the pilot and staff will get you to your destination safely. Whereas, a road trip is the complete opposite. The thought of a road trip reminds me of the 13 hour drives my grandfather would take from Seattle to his hometown of Berkeley, CA. Let’s consider the conditions of a road trip. You met at a vehicle with your luggage, usually a duffle bag, in hand. The space inside the vehicle is condensed and limited. You’re constantly maneuvering your body around the seat belt, trying to find comfort in an uncomfortable situation. The arrival time is often determined by outstanding conditions you have no control of: traffic, weather, the driver, how many times your fellow passengers have to use the bathroom, and the status of the vehicle. Excuse my passive aggression as I remember my siblings during our family road trips. The joy one experiences from finally arriving at their destination via road trip is astronomically more than those who arrive via direct flight. Words of Wisdom by Char of The Week: To that point, greatness takes a little bit longer, but it’s worth every second. Enjoy the ride! Ecclesiastes 9:11



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