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Did you hear the one about a subpar baseball team that beat the best team in baseball four games in a row? Well if you have not ,now you have. The Seattle Mariners won four consecutive home games against the Tampa Bay Rays who were leading the American League East division. As mentioned four games later the Rays are now a half game behind the Boston Red Sox. Why ? Because the Mariners decided it was to grow up and play some baseball. The Mariners current record is 38-36 and leaves then in third place in the American League West. Seven games behind the Division leading Houston Astros. So what’s all the hubbub you ask ? Well look I get its not time to think about stashing some pennies for playoff tickets. It is time to throw a curious eye at the Mariners. There is a lot of season to be played but the good ship Mariner has some wind behind its sail and seems to be moving in the right direction.

Take Sundays fourth win against the Rays. Imagine 18,000 sun bleached fans enjoying some baseball. The game went into extra innings. And a walk off grand slam home run by Shed Long Jr delivered the win and the series sweep. Yes absolute bedlam. High fives, yelling ,screaming, and vaccinated hugs were abound. The Mariners have two more home games then they hit the road for a seven day six game road trip in Chicago against the White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. Given how the Mariners are playing I suggest you grab family , friends, and maybe even a neighbor and head down T-Mobile Park.