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Meet Children’s Book Author, De’Auz’janae Pickett

Meet Children’s Book Author, De’Auz’janae Pickett

Learn how her book “Gigi’s House” turns traditions into legacy.

By Chardonnay Beaver

As a young child, De’Auz’janae Pickett could piece together imaginative and coherent narratives. Her grandmothers played a pivotal role in recognizing and affirming her creative ability. However, it wasn’t until Spring 2021 that Pickett’s child-like creativity was shared with the world. Born and raised in the Central District of Seattle, Pickett’s passion for community and Black-uplift was instilled at an early age. For that reason, centering experiences relevant to Black people by Black people motivated her to write stories familiar to many of us. “Gigi’s House” tells the story of the Friday traditions at grandma’s (“Gigi'') house, which began with Pickett and her siblings. Today, Pickett’s daughter, nieces, and nephews continue Friday traditions at their great-grandma's ("Gigi”) house.

When asking Pickett about her writing process and inspiration, she noted that “really, I want all my books to be significant to us, like to the Black community. I want my books to be relatable to everybody…. I want the kids to be able to read them and learn lessons”. She recalls her childhood and the lack of Black children’s books written by Black authors. I can attest that Pickett will be a part of shifting the industry at large.

To conclude, Pickett encourages aspiring writers to reference various publishing sites to sell their books. For example, what are their pros and cons? What percentage of revenue do they retrieve? Are they easily accessible to your desired audience? As a Black entrepreneur, Pickett encourages other creatives to sell their products within communities of color— a shared concept within her family. In fact, her brother, D’Vonne Pickett Jr. is the C.E.O of The PostMan Seattle which fosters a sense of community and legacy within the Central District and beyond. De’Auz’janae Pickett is reimagining traditions and transforming them into legacy.

"Gigi's House" is available to purchase on or at The PostMan Seattle. Follow De’Auz’janae’s journey on Instagram @devotedpurpose.



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