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Once a caterpillar now she’s a Blossoming Butterfly ~ Jashawna Yulanda Hollingsworth (Pooh)

When Jaala Brown and Sean Jones met, the Lord blessed them with a healthy babygirl named Jashawna Yulanda Hollingsworth (Pooh) on April 1st 2004.

Jashawna brought a brighter light into her moms life. She was everything to her mother; her number one cheerleader, protecter and best-friend. She grew up in the greater Seattle area and attended Wing Luke Elementary,Whitman M.S., and Rainier Beach H.S. Because that was cut short, Rainier Beach High School has decided to honor her hard work,dedication and determination. She will be recognized as a graduate of the Class of 2022 .

If you remember Jashawna in her younger years (Caterpillar Phase) you would remember that she was so feisty and sassy. If you didn’t know her she appeared to be shy. Her energy was so contagious most people gravitated towards her . She left a lasting impression on those who came in contact with her. With the large family she had, she grew up knowing she had to be ready to clown at any given moment. Please don’t get her started on the roasting, she will clown you so cold. No matter how much she annoyed you ,you couldn’t be mad at her . She had a mouth like her uncle but not as vicious, she stayed talking mess. If Jashawna wasn’t with her Mom she spent a lot of time with her Aunt LuLu and Grandma Carolyn,who she loved and cherished up until her untimely demise. Jashawna was so close with her immediate cousins and they would spend so much time together. She was very protective of her little cousins. She welcomed them into the family because she was the baby for so long.

In her adolescence (Cocoon Phase) we started to see her developing, She became more mild mannered, she matured in front of our eyes. Her determination was to become better than her environment. She excelled in school, her teachers would often brag about her intellect. Thats when she discovered she had a passion for Pediatric Nursing. Jashawna attended college classes with intentions to start her journey. She had many of talents but………. One wasn’t singing. She could dance she could even cook…. But please don’t pass her the mic. I guess one would say it skipped a generation. Jashawna loved fashion and would often times compete with her Uncle LayLay about who had the latest Jordans. She loved Mexican Street Tacos and Ethiopian Food. Her favorite dish to cook was Fettuccine. She loved to go to the local nail parlor wit her mom for weekly mani’s and pedi’s.

Jashawna blossomed ( Butterfly Phase) so gracefully, her transformation from being the babygirl we knew to the young woman she was becoming, had most in awe. At 16, Jashawna got her first job at Safeway, which displayed independence and responsibility. She later transferred to BurgerKing where she met her HS sweetheart Josiah. For the months they interacted she got a glimpse of how a young lady should be treated. Throughout Jashawna’s life she has been a shoulder to cry on, a true confidant, and a blessing to be around. When Jashawna wasn’t at school or clocking in to work, you could find her hosting her very own Youtube (Q+A series) or dancing with her closest friends on TikTok.

Jashawna was preceded in death by her grandfather: Laysell Brown and her great aunt: Opal Woods and Shirley Awofeso. Jashawna leaves to mourn her grandmothers: Carolyn Hollingsworth and Darlinda Jones. Jashawna grew up being the only child with her mother, however has siblings on her father side :Salina Jones, Seana Jones, Rykiel Jones, Sean Jones Jr. Her Uncle Altor Hollingsworth and his children :Alton, Jasmine, Chanteze, Jada and Cameron Hollingsworth. Her uncle Larsell Hollingsworth and his kids Jayda, Daja, Kh’Mara and Mikayla Hollingsworth. Aunt Yulanda Hollingsworth her kids Stefon Savannah and Katrina Hollingsworth with a host of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Extended Family…

Just when the caterpillar thought it was over…. she became a beautiful Butterfly.

When: Thursday, December 23rd,2021 Viewing 9am-1045am: Funeral starts at 11am, Where: Greater Mount Baker Baptist Church, 2425 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Mask Required


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